About the Project

IPA / Crossborder Program Romania - Serbia

ENABO / Explore Nature Across Borders

Enabo project aims to develop the tourism economy sector with focus on eco-tourism in the protected areas in the Serbian-Romanian border area. Project partners: Forest Estate “Banat” Pančevo, National Park Domogled Valea Cernei, Cornereva municipality and Tourist Organization of Pančevo. Project protected areas: Special nature reserve “Deliblatska peščara” and National Park Domogled Valea-Cernei.

Project duration: 12 months

    The Serbian-Romanian border area is rich in diverse natural beauties. However, its tourism potential is either unexploited (SRB), lacking in quality services (RO), or unknown to the wider public. Despite this, the project is built around strengths and opportunities rather than weaknesses. The development of infrastructure improvements, restoration of cultural heritage, development of facilities for educative eco-tourism, and skills upgrading for managers, tourism workers and local decision makers promote the attractiveness of the regions as tourism destinations. Marketing activities bring these natural beauties into reach of the population living outside the project area. Environmental awareness and protection measures can guarantee the sustainability of this attractiveness.

Deliblatska Peščara

    The border areas have little economic activity and suffer from depopulation. However they are rich in natural and exclusive beauty which has been untapped as natural tourism destinations. Both target areas have specific flora and fauna attractive to nature lovers. Combining both areas in a common tourism plan and relevant exploration routes, supported by targeted training and promotion activities, will increase the chances for local communities to develop tourism activities, increasing their revenues and quality of life, preconditions to mitigate depopulation trends in the region.